Enlightenment is simply the ability to remember continuously throughout the day,
in the midst of complex social interactions,
that this moment is really all that we have,
that it is priceless and ephemeral,
and is in itself a celebration and cause for wonder.

Featured work:
“We” from El Colibrí Mágico (The Magic Hummingbird) —A California Story

We is based on the sacred poetry of Maria Sabina, from the opera “El Colibrí Mágico (The Magic Hummingbird) —A California Story”…
This visual interpretation conceived by Mexican-American opera singer Karen Garcia, based on her experiences of Mexican curandera ceremonies and the ancient traditions interwoven into contemporary Mexican experience.
The lyrics are based on the sacred psilocybin mushroom chants of Maria Sabina, a great healer and true saint, who lived in abject poverty in the mountains of Oaxaca. While we were shooting a young rat emerged from the bushes and stood there smiling with us.
It felt as if the tree and flowers were listening in the moonlight and fog.
Artists: Joseph Martin Waters, Swarmius, Karen Garcia