When the Clouds So Boldly Painted On the Sky…

— Harp & Laptop —

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Program Note:

When the Clouds So Boldly Painted On the Sky… (Premier July, 2000) Composed in 1998, originally was composed for koto (a 13 string Japanese court instrument) and DJ rig, and was performed in Russia at the Moscow Conservatory by Dmitri Kalinen, and soon after in Beijing, China and Hong Kong. A year later this version was created for Hungarian harpist Eva Maros, and performed in Sarvar, Hungary, in the castle of the blood queen from the Dracula legend. Traditionally Koto works evoked quiet scenes of nature, especially involving water. In this work the middle string symbolizes the surface of a pond, and the notes above are turbulent cloudscapes, reflected upside down in the notes below the middle. The work is about storms — inside us and on the outside…

Joseph Martin Waters, November 18, 2009

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