Heart of Mephisto

Heart of Mephisto
Sept. 2002
Joseph Waters

The intention was to create pulse music based on sounds and rhythms produced by living organisms. The heart changes mood constantly, its beats are rounded at the shoulders – lub –the heart in systole —dub—the heart in diastole. Such a precisely and oh so sensitively imprecise pump. A pump! Unglamorous word! Sewage pump – sump pump — blood pump. The closure of the mitral and tricuspid valves makes the first heart sound. Closure of the aortic and pulmonic valves finishes the cycle — four valve pump — what flows through it? Rivers, thoughts — rivers of thoughts — plans — conceits — desires!!! — hate!!— revenge— plans— plans— —PLANS—love—tenderness—quiet morning by a lake—a hummingbird flutters through the slender passages, hovering momentarily in the thin chambers then shooting through—sleepless nights—raging torrents—thick red sewage—magma—molten subterranean fire—SystoleDiastole—SystoleDiastole—SystoleDiastole
the heart at peace