Dream in Aqua and Scarlet

the spring spring spring springtime ...
spring waters blubbing so
indistinguishably in twisted
underwater tongues that flow
around the rocks licking crevices
and hollows — gulping in the air
pockets and humming randomly

in the fast shallows — a song in the
key of "G" — but every note is
found here— and every note in
between every note — some are
just better than others, depending
on where you listen — pick them
out — the secret messages — every
language not known to man
uttered on the silver tongue of the
quiet spring

up over my feet up my legs up my
torso over my shoulders and up
my neck — into my ear canals the
silver tongue slips inside and
whispers whispers whispers quiet
sweet nothings — a soothing
commentator — a smooth
politician — whatever it tells me I
believe it — I am convinced — I
will buy it — give you whatever
you ask — welcome into my home
— here — sit down
— flow into my sofa and into my
coffee cup and into my bedroom
and out the back door into my
— speak to my flowers — my
stationary springtime pets
— tell them a morning story and a
moonlight sonata and calm their
fears of growing
— shed tears on their tender feet
that will never walk away, though
they stand there and fight on
bravely — stuck to the earth
— flow over their toes
and massage their tiny soft veins
— make them cool and excited
with the motion of cool flowing and
coat them with flowing secrets
and sweet lies of distant forests
and deep oceans
— lie to them lie to everyone
— tell a beautiful quiet sweet
tremendous fish tale
— pull us into your dream flow —
we are ready to dissolve…

Joseph Waters
June, 2000

© 2000 Joseph Waters
All Rights Reserved

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