— Solo Alto Saxophone & Chamber Orchestra with live Electronics —

Full Instrumentation:

alto sax
perc. (xylophone, vibraphone, tubular bells)
perc. (trap set, glockenspiel)
banjo-mandlin-ukelele (one player)
13 part handbell choir
alto melodica
bass melodica
vocal beat-boxer

(may also be performed as 1) alto sax plus electronics; 2) alto sax, perc., laptop; 3) alto sax, violin, 2 perc., laptop)

Voice House Publishing

Solo Sax with electronics version available from

Radnofsky-Couper Editions

Dragon was composed for


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Program Note:

Dragon (Premier Feb, 2011) Dragon - (2011) began with a request from SAXIMUS for a work inspired by J-Pop (Japanese Pop). Careful listening & observing SAXIMUS playing Super Mario Brothers, where a tenacious low-res avatar enthusiastically leaps & summersaults on a mission to what?.... led to the creation of this soundtrack to an imaginary video game, interlaced with the voices of Charlie Parker, Lady Gaga, Gershwin and Koji Kondo, Japanese composer who created the soundtracks to Super Mario Brothers & many other classic Japanese video games.

Dragon is dedicated to SAXIMUS

Joseph Martin Waters, Feb. 1, 2011



Joseph Waters (b. 1952) is a member of the first generation of American classical composers who grew up playing in rock bands. Throughout his career he has been intrigued by the confluence and tensions that entangle and bind the music of Europe and Africa. His interests include physiological, sub-cultural pattern seeking mechanisms and development of fractal cognitive models for understanding pattern recognition. Much of his work involves interactions between electronic and acoustic instruments. He is the founder of NWEAMO (New West Electro-Acoustic Music Organization). Each October the NWEAMO Festival travels between Mexico City, San Diego, Portland and New York City, presenting composers from around the world in concerts that unite the worlds of avant-garde classical and experimental electronica. He also performs and composes for the Waters_Bluestone_Duel, a collaboration with percussionist Joel Bluestone that explores the combination of live electronics and percussion, as well as SWARMIUS the virtuoso interdisciplinary quartet in residence at San Diego State University. He studied composition at Yale University, the Universities of Oregon and Minnesota, and Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut. Primary teachers were Jacob Druckman, Bernard Rands, Roger Reynolds, Dominick Argento, and Martin Bresnick.

© 2011 Joseph Martin Waters
All Rights Reserved

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