“Resist” Let us truly celebrate and thank each other. We made it through this period of outrageous lies from a text book socio-path that hypnotized so many of us.,.
“Resist” is a call to be on the lookout for charismatic charlatans and the simple
us-vs-them-ridden scenarios that they peddle in their wounded self-interest.
History is littered with their destruction.

Featuring The SWARMIUS Ensemble
Michael Couper – soprano sax
Todd rewoldt – alto sax
Ian Buss – tenor sax
Geoffrey Burleson – paino
Daniel Pate – percussion
Justin DeHart – table
Jozefius Joseph Martin Waters – composition & electronics
with guest artist Skyler Digbey MacKinnon- trombones
© 2018-2020 Joseph Martin Waters

Score available