Venus, circa 1932

4 Channel Surround Electronica

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Program Note:
Venus, circa 1932 (2006) explores and compares the repetitive gestures of animals and machines, and investigates a fractal cognitive model applied to various architectural and environmental spaces. The pattern recognition strategies applied to understanding relationships and establishing order hierarchies in ambient natural environments are contrasted with time marked, pulse-delineated time graphs. The work is a whimsical homage to the pre-space-age pulp science fiction of the early 20th century.


Joseph Waters (b. 1952) is a member of the first generation of American classical composers who grew up playing in rock bands. Throughout his career he has been intrigued by the confluence and tensions that entangle and bind the music of Europe and Africa. His interests include physiological, sub-cultural pattern seeking mechanisms and development of fractal cognitive models for understanding pattern recognition. Much of his work involves interactions between electronic and acoustic instruments. He is the founder of NWEAMO (New West Electro-Acoustic Music Organization). Each October the NWEAMO Festival travels from Mexico City to San Diego to Portland, presenting composers from around the world in concerts that unite the worlds of avant-garde classical and experimental electronica. He also performs and composes for the Waters_Bluestone_Duel, a collaboration with virtuoso percussionist Joel Bluestone that explores the combination of live electronics and percussion. He studied composition at Yale University, the Universities of Oregon and Minnesota, and Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut. Primary teachers were Jacob Druckman, Bernard Rands, Roger Reynolds, Dominick Argento, and Martin Bresnick.

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