Desert Island

— Desert Island Pieces —
Ruminations on a Troubled Planet

Dedicated to Rebels, Idealists, Individualists and Passionate Celebrators of Life Worldwide

Commissioned by the Bakken Trio for Piano Trio and Electronics


I. The Loneliness of the Sun


II. Aloiloi, Pakuikui — The Fast Shallows


III. Ghosts of the Evening Tide


IV. The Roaring of the Moon

Program Note:

The work explores states of isolation and passion. The Desert Island is the earth, or the individual, or the perceived isolation of the individual, the myopic view from the crowded jungle within. There is a blurring between the reflection on the surface of ape eyes and the neuron-powered dreamscape behind the optic nerve.

What happens when one is alone, without another’s cerebral drift to check the wandering of the reality curve?
The gulls have voices, filled with outrage, anguish and disdain. They sing out over the waves, but cannot pierce the surface. Below, the ageless tortoises glide slowly, nonchalant in their deep green canyons.

The sky is brilliant blue, and hot, and the water is brilliant and cool, deep and silent.

… and so at last return to the sea …

The waves crash endlessly overhead, endlessly they smash the sand and slap with giant, heavy hand the glassy face of the beach.

Underneath, Silently, the roar of heavy current with cold, strong finger pushes hard on terrestrial ear drums, and the ancient dance continues — half-remembered songs consummated unconsciously in the endless watery moonlight.

March 31, 2003