NWEAMO Festival

Joseph has been artistic director for the
New West Electronic Art and Music Organism
(NWEAMO) for over 20 years.

Founded in 1998, NWEAMO is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of music that involves the creative use of computers and electronics, and to the development of a diverse community of electro-acoustic composers and performers throughout the world. 

We embrace all styles of electronic music as well as performance and hybrid arts. Improvisation and interaction are especially encouraged. With these goals in mind, each year NWEAMO organizes an international festival of electro-acoustic music.
This festival seeks to establish and showcase new modes of performance by focusing on works which call for the creative and original use of today’s technologies. 

The NWEAMO festival has traveled to Portland, San Diego, New York, and Boulder in the U.S., and to Mexico City, Berlin, Tokyo and Venice. Since its inception the festival has featured an eclectic mix of performances filling concert halls with beats, newly invented instruments, video, dance, and electronic music rooted on seemingly disparate concepts and aesthetics. High and low, street and laboratory –
everything converges by design at a NWEAMO event.
Join in!