Audio and video samples of works by
Joseph Martin Waters

Copyright 2023

Video taken from the Staged Premiere: June 2 & 3, 2023,
Opera Tijuana, CEART, Tijuana, Mexico

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The SWARMIUS Ensemble featuring Ljiljiana live at NWEAMO, Jan. 25, 2024 venue: St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral (Great Room), San Diego, CA
Music and Lyrics by Jozefius aka Joseph Martin Waters
A heartfelt thanks to each of you amazing musicians for pouring yourself
so generously into my difficult and strange music.

Performed by Ljiljana Winkler and the CompCord Ensemble
as part of Composers Concordance Presents
‘Art of the Art Song’ Nov. 29th, 2023 @ DROM NYC

Music and lyrics by Joseph Martin Waters aka Jozefius © 2023 Joseph Martin Waters
All Rights reserved

Moonlight Beach Chaconne
Performed by violinist Pei-Chun Tsai.
Originally produced for the Lunch and Listen Program.

“Resist” a celebration that we made it through this minefield of outrageous lies and a call to arms! “Resist”
Let us take a moment to truly celebrate and thank each other.

We made it through this swamp of outrageous lies
from a text book socio-path that hypnotized so many of us.,.
“Resist” is a call to be on the lookout for charismatic charlatans
and the simple us-vs-them-ridden scenarios
that they peddle in their wounded self-interest.
History is littered with their destruction.

Featuring The SWARMIUS Ensemble
Michael Couper – soprano sax
Todd Rewoldt – alto sax
Ian Buss – tenor sax
Geoffrey Burleson – paino
Daniel Pate – percussion
Justin DeHart – table
Jozefius Joseph Martin Waters – composition & electronics
with guest artist Skyler Digbey MacKinnon- trombones

© 2018-2020 Joseph Martin Waters

© 2018-2020 Joseph Martin Waters

© 2018-2020 Joseph Martin Waters

Suite Noir
The Passion of Perry Mason (Movement 1: Whispering Sands) by Joseph Waters

(2009) (VIDEO of premiere)

Suite Noir
The Passion of Perry Mason,
Movement II: The Court of Last Resort

(2009) (VIDEO of premiere)

Suite Noir
The Passion of Perry Mason,

Movement III: Cerulean and Other Colors of the Sky
(2009) (VIDEO of premiere)

Vivaldi Fireflies with Leslie Seiters, dance
(live VIDEO excerpt Neurosciences Institute,
Feb. 2008

Labyrinth of Leaves

SAXIMUS (aka Todd Rewoldt, alto sax) & Jozefius (aka Joseph Martin Waters, laptop) – 3rd number of their set July 17 at Belly Up Solana Beach CA.
Opening for Surfaris on 50th Anniversary of Wipeout Concert

(Scanned at Flutter-Speed for Ultraviolet Nectar Glow)

Intelligent Designs

Intelligent Designs · Swarmius Swarmius ℗ 2008 Joseph Waters Released on: 2008-01-01



Lucas, The Bringer of Light

SWARMIUS concert at The Neurosciences Institute, San Diego, Feb. 2, 2008.
Excerpt from 19 min. work “Lucas, The Bringer of Light”- featuring the whole band: SAXIMUS (aka Todd Rewoldt), Fiddlus el Gato )aka Felix Olschofka), Crotalius (aka Joel Bluestone) & Jozefius. Movement improv: Leslie Seiters, Ron Estes, Justin Morrison, Niamh Condron.

Cali’ Karsilama

SWARMIUS performs “Cali’ Karsilama” at ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn, at NWEAMO NYC. Composition by Joseph Martin Waters


Swarmius Swarmius II — Also Normal ℗ 2010 Joseph Martin Waters Released on: 2010-03-01

SWARMIUS performs at Kostabi World Uptown Presented by Composers Concordance December 9, 2015 Musicians: Michael Couper (soprano saxophone) Andrew Kreysa (vibraphone) Todd Rewoldt (alto saxophone) Joseph Waters (electronics & composer)


“What Kind Of Music Would Mozart Make If He Were Living On The Beach in So Cal – NOW”