Enlightenment is simply the ability to remember continuously throughout the day,
in the midst of complex social interactions,
that this moment is really all that we have,
that it is priceless and ephemeral,
and is in itself a celebration and cause for wonder.

The Magic Hummingbird

The Magic Hummingbird Podcast

Episode 1 (of 6) — Chase The Shadows

Three San Diego, California teen rockers head to Tijuana to perform in a punk club on the TJ boardwalk… One of them, Francisco, was born in Oaxaca, Mexico but doesn't know it.
He is visited continuously by visions and struggles to comprehend their meaning,
being both scared and fascinated.
His bandmates Clara (his soulmate) and Franklin (his sometimes frenemy) struggle with their own issues.

Franklin's father is a shaman in a white separatist cult…
After their gig Clara and Franklin chase Francisco down the beach, into a storm, and they stumble onto a magic hut in the jungle….

Episode 2 (of 6) — Skeleton Rose

Francisco gets stranded, finds a new community and begins to learn of his past and purpose.
Episode 3 (of 6) — Augur Of Crows

In Tijuana Francisco and Elias make a sacred journey to the desert in the moonlight,
while north of the border The Preacher hatches plans for world domination.
Episode 4 (of 6) — Through the Belly of a Snake

The Preacher makes a pact with the Lord Of The Crows. The refugees travel through the body of a snake…
Episode 5 (of 6) — Children Of The Gods

The refugees and the cult finally meet, with life changing consequences for both.

Episode 6 (of 6) — Beyond the Mirror

Next day, sunrise… ..  the desert sand is wet from the downpour… as the sun stretches one hand up over the precipice, the mountain's shadow blankets a multitude of human shapes … intertwined, snuggled into the warm bosom of the magic mountain….

From their pheromone world where plant spirits chant quietly inside rays of light, Apollonia, Skeleton Rose and Mother-Father hover ...

Episode 6 is the dramatic climax of "The Magic Hummingbird"

On June 18th, 2022 The Magic Hummingbird was presented live at
The Cutting Room, 44E 32nd St. NY.

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