Cali Karsilama

Cali Karsilama

— Alto Saxophone, Violin, Vibraphone, & Laptop —

Program Note:

Cali Karsilama (Premier October 31, 2008) Based on an ancient couples dance that was carried by Gypsies from Turkey through Persia, also used for belly dancing. The 7/4 rhythm continually knocks the listener off guard, much like the seductive swirl of the dance.

Score, Parts and Electronics available from Voice House Publishing

Cali Karsilama was composed for SWARMIUS

Joseph Martin Waters, November 18, 2009


SWARMIUS comprises SAXIMUS (Saxophones), Fiddlus (Violin), Crotalius Redfoot (Percussion), and Jozefius Vattierz Rattus (Electro-Acoustic Composer/Laptop performer). The quartet is committed to expanding the avant-garde classical literature to encompass a New Relevance. The New Relevance demands works that are non-elitist, rigorous, and multi-level: works that are simultaneously accessible and challenging. To this end, SWARMIUS combines traditional virtuosity with a search for new timbres, performance practices, and 21st century cross-cultural aesthetic reflection. It challenges timeworn, outmoded norms for the uses of classical music, the means by which it is presented, and the venues in which it is experienced. SWARM unites performers, composer, and choreographer, focuses them on a common goal, and puts them onstage together. SWARMIUS is in residence at the School of Music and Dance at San Diego State University, home for 17 years of the maverick genius Harry Partch Ensemble. SWARMIUS strives to emulate Partch’s uncompromising aesthetic values.

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